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Hemery’s Cognacs

"Smooth as Silk" from the Petite Champagne region

VS Limited Privilege  |  VSOP Rare Reserve  |  XO Grand Century   Hemery XO Extra

VS Limited Privilege


Age:    4 years

Color:  Rich, golden hues

Nose:  Pleasant vanilla and oak, fruity dried figs and tea

Body:  Natural taste that awakens the senses with flowery and nutty hints

Finish:  Long and pleasant


40% ABV

750 ml


VSOP Rare Reserve


Age:     6 years

Color:   Rich, golden hue

Nose:   Vanilla, oak, violets, roses, apricot jam

Body:   Smooth, well balanced, harmonious and warm feeling

Finish:  Very smooth

40% ABV

750 ml

XO Grand Century


Age:     20 years

Color:  Deep gold

Nose:  Fine floral bouquet

Body:  A wealth of caramelized peach, almonds and candied fruit

Finish: Explosion of the senses of palate with rich, delicate flavors of dried fruit and smooth walnut

40% ABV

750 ml

Hemery XO Extra


Age: 35 years

Color: Gold, mahogany

Nose: Pronounced richness of flavors, unique velvety texture

Body: Delicate jasmin, candied orange and juicy prune, fresh cinnamon and Brioche

Finish: The true pleasure of a superior aromatic richness. The taste of excellence lasts up to 15 minutes on the palate.

40% ABV

750 ml

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