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Ghost Owl

Pacific Northwest Whiskey 


Ghost Owl Whiskey is a perfect blend of two distinctive whiskeys: a complex 4 year old blended malt whiskey primarily aged in first fill ex-bourbon barrels, and a 2-year-old single grain corn whiskey aged in imported charred Bordeaux and Burgundy wine barrels from Napa California. Blended to perfection, this whiskey has a warm cereal grain and toasted vanilla nose, a creamy and smooth mouthfeel with a noticeable wine and sherry finish. Both are barreled, aged, blended and bottled in the Pacific Northwest.



90 Proof


Ghost Owl Rye Whisky

Pacific Northwest Whiskey 


This 2 year old Rye is aged in new charred American oak barrels from Kentucky’s Kelvin Cooperage. Ghost Owl PNW Rye starts out with a huge rye spice flavor that gives way to bold pepper and tobacco with a long finish of dried fruit and sweet spices. Ghost Owl PNW Rye Whisky is proudly barreled, aged, blended and bottled in the great Pacific Northwest giving this whiskey its distinctive flavor.



90 Proof


ghost owl rye.jpg


Canadian Whisky


Those tasting Meyers Canadian, state that the whisky has a hint of floral aromas with the taste of plum and a sweetness that wants you to come back for more.

Try it! You will be excited with the complexities of sweetness, fruit and the great taste of rye.

88 Proof



Single Malt Scotch, 15 Years


90 points  | The Malt Advocate


Amber gold color. Rich, malty aroma with interwoven notes of fruit and oak. Floral notes and just a wisp of smoke add complexity. Long satisfying, dry finish. 

90 Proof


James Oliver

Rye Whiskey

James Oliver Rye Whiskey is adored for its chestnut, burnt caramel, black pepper and cinnamon flavor notes. 100% American Rye Whiskey aged for two years after distillation in new American oak barrels.

Take a sip and enjoy on the rocks! 

100 Proof

james oliver rye whisky.png
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