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Despierta Wines

New Wines from La Mancha – Spain



Despierta Wines


100% Verdejo

ABV 11.5% |  cases of 6

Despierta Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

100% Cabernet Sauvignon

ABV 12.5% |  cases of 6

  • Clean, bright and pale greenish color

  • Fruity aromas of citrics and melon, together with hints of spices and reminiscences of honeysuckle

  • Fresh and young, with good acidity


Pairs well with:

  • Dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine

  • Makes an outstanding Aperitif!

  • Clean, intense and bright ruby red color

  • Fruity aromas with hints of blackberry, combined with a spicy background

  • Adequate balance that emphasizes its kindness on the mouth as well as its amplitude


Pairs well with:

  • Red meats, roasts, meat with sauces and cheeses

  • Super for a backyard BBQ!

Despierta Wines

Tempranillo Rose´

100% Tempranillo

  •  Vibrant and clean rosé color

  • Aromas of red fruits and strawberry with hints of peach

  • Fresh, soft and long after-taste


Pairs well with:

  •  Pasta, tapas, cheese and white meats

  • Makes a most pleasant Aperitif!

ABV 11.5% |  cases of 6

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